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  2. Claim your free copy at
  3. I also use non-compressed 32-bit. The image looks fine everywhere except for in-game. It seems like it doesn't actually compress it in DXT5, as if CoD4 can only do DXT1 compression regardless of the other compression options. Seems to be the same with every image (even WASD + Spacebar images with rounded corners, once again looks like DXT1 compression).
  4. Asset manager settings seem fine. Is the image only pixelated in game or also elsewhere? I tend to export as TGA for 2D materials so what were your export settings for that (I personally use non-compressed 32-bit, which is what has always worked for me)?
  5. Image dimensions are 584 x 456 (Also tried other dimensions, doesn't make a difference). - Also tried all different compression and alphaTest to GE128 instead of Blend. Background is alpha Export settings are -
  6. What are the image dimensions and full asset manager settings? Is the background alpha or is it the gray? What are your export settings apart from the compression?
  7. Thought this would be one of the best places to ask so I didn't have to hassle @atrX on Steam Basically I'm wondering why this image is so pixelated? For some reason it uses the DXT1 compression however I saved it as a .dds with DXT5 compression, then in asset manager I tried both DXT5 compression in the settings and uncompressed. I have tried both dds and tga formats
  8. Just look for any generic modelling tutorial and how to export to a CoD format. 😉 WaW has a fedora but it'd need some editing to work properly in CoD4. Pretty sure both games have helmets etc aswell.
  9. Alright thanks. Are there any hats made already in order for me to use, or would I have to make the hats myself? (not sure how to do that). Searched google but couldn't find anything related to hats on there.
  10. You basically just attach any model to the player's head tag (see Can be anything. To get proper hats you'll have to make sure the model's origin is placed correctly.
  11. Hello, I was wondering if there were any hats available for CoD4 which have already been ported and downloadable? If not, are there any tutorials on such porting for Hats to CoD4? Thanks & Regards, Cloudy
  12. Nice, also using dock
  13. I'll be the first. I just cleaned up the mess that was my taskbar and decided to change some other stuff around, like install Winstep Nexus Dock. It's so much nicer now.
  14. id love to see more surf maps on the cod4 server. I think i've played the ones on atm and still tryna complete some
  15. I don't play BO3 myself but damn, that looks nice. I can totally see why this is currently #1 most popular on the workshop.
  16. So I'am the first one to post here As some of you may know, I quite like to make my own maps. Let it be for surf, cj or zombies. I spent quite a bit of my freetime in the last few weeks to build my friends house in BO3. Turned out pretty nice, but there is still more to come If someone has an idea what I could add to make it even more interesting, let me know Workshop Link to Private Property
  17. Hi there! Welcome to RevMods!
  18. Hi Everyone, My name is Danny, I'm 18 and from the Republic of Moldova . I'll be happy to be part of the team. I am a professional Webmodder, Game/Servers Hoster, and Modder. I'm modding CoD4, SAMP, CoD2, Rust, VCMP, SAMP etc, and some of my custom CoD4 mods are Custom Promod, Deathrun. Also having Huge Knowledge in IPB Platform and developing custom scripts and modules for it & a bit in PHP, HTML and CSS, My SQL, Ajax, Jquery, and JavaScript. I am looking forward to meeting you and see some new mods here Danny.
  19. Welcome to RevMods, Dynasty! Glad you're enjoying the mod. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  20. Hey people, Thought i'd do a small introduction as you probably don't know who I am. For a while i've seen the surf mod on moddb but knew there weren't any servers online with the mod. I was tempted to setup my own but then didn't. I'm really happy that this server is up because the mod is just insane. I'll hopefully be on a lot so you will see me around About me: Im 20, from UK. Currently studying at university. I haven't played COD4 much on PC because used to be a massive console gamer. Recently i've been playing tonnes. Mostly on codjumper and deathrun. I'm slowly getting better but try to be more into the community than the actual game. I've been a part of some clans and currently run my own one (but i wont advertise). I try to focus on organising events or competitions to get more people playing so if you want any ideas i can try to think of some Hopefully i'll see you guys soon. Add me on steam! (excuse the name) Any questions about me just ask. Dynasty
  21. I'm a pretty shit editor. Tbh, there's not much editing going on anyway, just some slight VFX here and there, some collor correction and lots of cutting. I just do this stuff for fun from time to time.
  22. As a thank you for donating you'll receive VIP features on our servers. Below is a list of features per server aswell as a list of the amount of months you'll get per donation: Surf: Trails 2x XP Status icon VIP character VIP hands More to come VIP durations: 5 USD: 1 month 25 USD: 5 months + 1 free month* 50 USD: 10 months + 2 free months* * Only applicable on single donations, no additions will be made. To receive VIP, please contact a Manager or Owner after donating and include your B3 CID (the number behind the @ when you type !regtest) in your message.
  23. Glad to be aboard the waffle-train.
  24. Welcome to my website!
  25. To apply for a position you must: Forum Moderator Have at least 50 posts Have an account older than 30 days Be a mature individual capable of staying calm in heated situations Be at least 16 years of age (exceptions can be made) Server Admin (CoD4) Have at least 50 combined hours played on our servers Be a mature individual capable of staying calm in heated situations Be at least 16 years of age (exceptions can be made) Be active at least on a weekly basis Failure to meet these requirements will result in instant denial of your application. Below is a template to use when applying: Real name: Age: Position I'm applying for: Forum Moderator / Server Admin (CoD4) Previous experience: Why I would make a good addition to the team: How often do you visit our forums?: If you're applying for "Forum Moderator", please also fill out the following: Knowledge of IP.Board 4 (on a scale of 1-5): /5 If you're applying for "Server Admin (CoD4)", please also fill out the following: In-game name: B3 CID (type !regtest in game): Steam: Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): /5 Primary server: How often do you play on our servers?: Failure to use the template provided will result in instant denial of your application. Template and requirements last updated: 26/04/2017
  26. Let me be the first to make an introduction thread. I go by the name atrX (or AtriX) nowadays but used to be called JR-Imagine and Slaya aswell. My IRL name is Jordy Rymenants, I'm 18 as of the writing of this post and I live in Belgium. Most of you will probably already know me from either my deathrun/zombies maps and the surf mod. I'm into software and web development and am pursuing a career in said industry. A collection of some of my work can be found on my portfolio: Lately I've been playing mostly CS:GO but once the surf server goes back up you'll probably find me on there at least a few times a week. So yeah, that's me in a nutshell.
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