RevMods Deathrun!

We've just put up our very own Deathrun server for CoD4!

It features a custom mod with tons of customization, but more importantly, none of the bullshit most servers run nowadays like respawn waves, rtd etc (get that shit outta here). Old school players needed a home no other server was providing, we plan to be that home. :) 



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  1. The first update for our Deathrun mod is out now! This update is rather small as I have already been pushing constant changes to the server as issues were found. Changelog: Added Ghost Run Optimized a bunch of weapon assets (freeing up some space for more demanding maps and decreasing the mod size slightly) Added a few more maps to the rotation Removed Metal Sonic VIP character model (caused crashes due to missing tags, might be replaced at a later date)
  2. Ah, split the topic for you. ^
  3. You did not follow the required format found here: You also don't meet the requirements mentioned in that topic. You can try to apply again when you meet the requirements. Locked.
  4. Uh... What?
  5. The current map rotation on Deathrun is as follows: mp_deathrun_apollo mp_deathrun_backlot mp_deathrun_bricky mp_deathrun_cave mp_deathrun_cherry mp_deathrun_chunk mp_deathrun_city mp_deathrun_control mp_deathrun_cookie mp_deathrun_coyote mp_deathrun_crystal_v2 mp_deathrun_darkness mp_deathrun_destroyedv3 mp_deathrun_diehard mp_deathrun_dirt mp_deathrun_dragonball mp_deathrun_dungeon mp_deathrun_easy mp_deathrun_electory mp_deathrun_epicfail mp_deathrun_factory mp_deathrun_familyguy mp_deathrun_flow mp_deathrun_framey_v2 mp_deathrun_framey_v3 mp_deathrun_glass mp_deathrun_godfather mp_deathrun_gold mp_deathrun_grassy_v4 mp_deathrun_greenland mp_deathrun_haunted mp_deathrun_illusion mp_deathrun_inferno mp_deathrun_islands mp_deathrun_liferun mp_deathrun_long mp_deathrun_max mp_deathrun_metal2 mp_deathrun_mine mp_deathrun_oreo mp_deathrun_palm mp_deathrun_portal_v3 mp_deathrun_qube mp_deathrun_ruin mp_deathrun_ruin2 mp_deathrun_sanctuary mp_deathrun_scoria mp_deathrun_semtex mp_deathrun_skypillar mp_deathrun_sm_v2 mp_deathrun_sonic mp_deathrun_spaceball mp_deathrun_tribute mp_deathrun_uncharted mp_deathrun_underworld mp_deathrun_watchit_v3 mp_deathrun_waterworld mp_deathrun_wicked mp_deathrun_wicked2 mp_deathrun_wipeout mp_deathrun_wipeout_v2 mp_deathrun_zero mp_dr_apocalypse mp_dr_bananaphone_v2 mp_dr_beach mp_dr_bigfall mp_dr_blackandwhite mp_dr_blue mp_dr_bounce mp_dr_caelum mp_dr_darmuh mp_dr_darmuhv2 mp_dr_dawn mp_dr_deadzone mp_dr_decay mp_dr_destiny mp_dr_detained mp_dr_digital mp_dr_disco mp_dr_droid mp_dr_glass2 mp_dr_glass3 mp_dr_gooby mp_dr_h2o mp_dr_imaginary mp_dr_indipyramid mp_dr_iwillrockyou mp_dr_jump_hard mp_dr_jurapark mp_dr_laboratory mp_dr_levels mp_dr_lovelyplanet mp_dr_nighty mp_dr_outside mp_dr_overgrown mp_dr_pool mp_dr_progression mp_dr_rage mp_dr_shipment mp_dr_skypower mp_dr_slay mp_dr_slayv2 mp_dr_sm_world mp_dr_something mp_dr_spaceball_v2 mp_dr_spacetrip mp_dr_spacetunnel mp_dr_stormyascent mp_dr_terror mp_dr_trapntrance mp_dr_tron mp_dr_turnabout mp_dr_un_named mp_dr_unreal mp_dr_watercity mp_dr_wipeout mp_dr_worldofmetal mp_dr_wtf
  6. April 3, 2018: Updated with new Deathrun mod's VIP items.
  7. When posting a map suggestion, please use the following format: Name: mp_dr_example Traps: 8 Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate/Hard Length: Short/Average/Long Image: Download Link:
  8. Hi there, @Bunny Bro! Welcome to RevMods! Glad to hear you like the mod. Congrats on finishing neonrider btw, not many people have done that.
  9. Claim your free copy at
  10. Asset manager settings seem fine. Is the image only pixelated in game or also elsewhere? I tend to export as TGA for 2D materials so what were your export settings for that (I personally use non-compressed 32-bit, which is what has always worked for me)?
  11. What are the image dimensions and full asset manager settings? Is the background alpha or is it the gray? What are your export settings apart from the compression?
  12. Just look for any generic modelling tutorial and how to export to a CoD format. 😉 WaW has a fedora but it'd need some editing to work properly in CoD4. Pretty sure both games have helmets etc aswell.
  13. You basically just attach any model to the player's head tag (see Can be anything. To get proper hats you'll have to make sure the model's origin is placed correctly.
  14. I'll be the first. I just cleaned up the mess that was my taskbar and decided to change some other stuff around, like install Winstep Nexus Dock. It's so much nicer now.
  15. I don't play BO3 myself but damn, that looks nice. I can totally see why this is currently #1 most popular on the workshop.