RevMods Deathrun!

We've just put up our very own Deathrun server for CoD4!

It features a custom mod with tons of customization, but more importantly, none of the bullshit most servers run nowadays like respawn waves, rtd etc (get that shit outta here). Old school players needed a home no other server was providing, we plan to be that home. :) 



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  1. Nickname(s) In-game:AlexeyReal name (optional):Alexey MalyarevskyAge (Only above 14 year old):14Location (Country):Russian (Moscow)Games that you play on:cood4, brawlhalla,minecraft.Steam:^1wolverineDiscord:wolverine2004#4748Skype:noHow many hours do you play on our server in average?:10hrsHow many hours will you play on our server week?:100 days a weekDo you have clan? (If yes so not join here or left your clan then u can join here):no Why do you left your clan?:ok im will its joinWhy do you want to join us?:its a fun server is cool skinsWhy should we accept you? / What can you bring us?:i agree test