RevMods Deathrun!

We've just put up our very own Deathrun server for CoD4!

It features a custom mod with tons of customization, but more importantly, none of the bullshit most servers run nowadays like respawn waves, rtd etc (get that shit outta here). Old school players needed a home no other server was providing, we plan to be that home. :) 



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  1. id love to see more surf maps on the cod4 server. I think i've played the ones on atm and still tryna complete some
  2. Hey people, Thought i'd do a small introduction as you probably don't know who I am. For a while i've seen the surf mod on moddb but knew there weren't any servers online with the mod. I was tempted to setup my own but then didn't. I'm really happy that this server is up because the mod is just insane. I'll hopefully be on a lot so you will see me around About me: Im 20, from UK. Currently studying at university. I haven't played COD4 much on PC because used to be a massive console gamer. Recently i've been playing tonnes. Mostly on codjumper and deathrun. I'm slowly getting better but try to be more into the community than the actual game. I've been a part of some clans and currently run my own one (but i wont advertise). I try to focus on organising events or competitions to get more people playing so if you want any ideas i can try to think of some Hopefully i'll see you guys soon. Add me on steam! (excuse the name) Any questions about me just ask. Dynasty