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We're back!

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Welcome to the new and improved Revolutionary Mods website!

After shutting down due to a lack of cash flow we're finally back. We're going to slowly build things up again expanding as our budget grows. The forums have gained a few new boards and have been generalised a bit. We're trying to move away from being a CoD & CS only community.

Here's a few bullet points regarding the changes and what's soon to come:

  • We're putting up our CoD4 Surf server again soon :) 
  • We've expanded to new games (not in the sense of having servers for them but rather just building a community arround them)
  • You'll be able to suggest new boards for games soon, keep an eye out on the Please login or register to see this link. board in the "Games" category
  • Any ex-staff member who wants to be back on the team should PM me to discuss your position
  • Anyone wanting to moderate the forums (global or specific sub-forums) should PM me explaining why you'd make a good moderator (mention any past experience if you have any)

If you were a donator and want the donator group back, please PM me and provide evidence of your donation (or just PM and hope I remember you donating :P).

Regards, atrX.


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